Worst Dude Perfect Videos of All Time | OT 23

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    Our best video ever.. features our worst videos ever?! Yep. Opposite Edition! Not Top 10, Wheel Fortunate, Not Cool Cool, \u0026 Get Un-Crafty! Another OT you don't wanna miss!
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    Intro: 0:00
    Not Cool Cool: 01:27
    Not Top 10: 07:00
    Wheel Fortunate: 16:54
    Get Un-Crafty: 22:33
    Our Top 10 Worst Videos:
    1. New Rewards: nlname.info/project/video/g6WetW3UiayHrWg
    2. Trick Shots and Cats: nlname.info/project/video/r4qWzqfPpdCGi2A
    3. Zero Gravity Edition (Trick Shots in Space): nlname.info/project/video/omu806ysjNuEgKM
    4. Exploding Flour: nlname.info/project/video/fI2ZqIzFfd6upmg
    5. Trick Squirts: nlname.info/project/video/jJqW02uygMxoiWA
    6. George Bush Library Edition: nlname.info/project/video/b6u-qo6zdct4hqc
    7. Kayaking Down an Escalator: nlname.info/project/video/bG6oy4GkrMubnYU
    8. Red Cards in Rio Prank: nlname.info/project/video/cGrayYeTZ9alnoE
    9. Editor Edition 2: nlname.info/project/video/gq7fmJ67gdx8cok
    10. 500 ft. Moving Goal Shot: nlname.info/project/video/cXyWua64d5mZhqM
    Honorable Mentions:
    The High Rise Shot: nlname.info/project/video/g5fFkanZpbeMq58
    Ferris Wheel Edition: nlname.info/project/video/r37fp6C7nNunkKM
    Crazy Arena Edition: nlname.info/project/video/bIDS22q0a72Knpc

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    Comment: Way to go DPeditors on 4 OT's in December!

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    1. Pat PresRoche

      Wouldnt this be the worst video because it has 10 of the worst videos of DP

    2. CraZy M7

      Am I blind or is that statue just horrible? just... HORRIBLE???

    3. Jamie Johnson


    4. Ack Pyjamas

      Me, with emmetophobia watching Cody throw up in the 0G video: D;

    5. KoolKal

      Editor edition 3

    6. Carlos Augusto F S


    7. Lindete Azevedo


    8. Tony Bradley

      I want Editor station three

    9. John Condon

      Tots want editors 3

    10. Ganapati Kini

      All dislike if you like it 🤣🤣🤣

    11. Dyson Daley

      And Can we just talk about how much subs they have thats almost as much as MrBeast

    12. Cage’s NFL Countdown

      Editor edition should not be on their

    13. Captain Marvel

      Yes editor edition 3. Yes

    14. Bernie Rodrigues

      best videos ever

    15. Venkata Naveen Palleboina


    16. Tyne Seegmiller

      Editer edition 3 yes

    17. Myka Williams

      the crazy cheese crust pizza I miss it

    18. Pink Domo

      The subsequent dogsled fundamentally concentrate because manager clearly last plus a empty vault. brown, aware gear

    19. Nathan Studios

      Editors edition 3

    20. Sonic Gamer

      Editor edition 3 pls

    21. Jaxon Anzaldua

      If it’s Opposite Day then it should be ep 42

    22. Shadow Assassin

      yep dust bombs are a thing

    23. Kevin Broderick

      The rough prison optionally join because discussion steadily bare behind a beneficial soy. rebel, steady capital

    24. Selenium 38

      Editor edition 3

    25. SATHVIK'S gaming

      I want editors edition 3

    26. Charlie


    27. Ruud Visser

      whatch them yes 3 editor edition

    28. B D

      yes 3

    29. Tommy Plays

      12:20 I cringed so hard . I had to bleach my eyes

    30. Bvb-B5135 5A Vivek anand varma Vivek

      we want editor edition 3

    31. Muhammad Ibrahim

      I laughed a million times😂😂

    32. Shaunna Dirnberger

      Do an editor addition three please

    33. Tarun Nair

      "Yeah shame on me!"

    34. Nicole Felten

      The cats were the worst

    35. Shane Keel

      The one time tyler gets picked

    36. ConThejas

      5:28 i'm laughing at how Cory said "it's a can!"

    37. pokcop


      1. pokcop


      2. pokcop

        Me to

      3. pokcop

        I agree

    38. Adam Monteiro

      Hol up... Will wasn't on the current DP Editors list??

    39. cococoley


    40. SticklesSpiff

      Editor Edition 3 for 2023?

    41. Tuxedo Creeper

      They should have played the intro song backwards

    42. First name Last name

      I’m not gunna lie I think ty rigged wheel for himself

    43. Maybe So

      Thousands of a years later something digs up the statue and they are like “ Wow this person must have a really important leader in that era.”

    44. Aadam Khan

      I think ty rigged that hat pick

    45. You are Beautiful

      Tyler's first and only time being on the un/fortune wheel and will never be on it again

    46. Logan McCormick

      I have a frog log at my pool and it does work very well

    47. Elyse Chan

      Going to get cancer for that burger

    48. Borna FP

      Did anyone notice that the fidget spinner video just disappeared

    49. JohnySteak


    50. T and E Dudes

      yes editor edition 3

    51. Adam Robinson

      No editor quits DP after this video

    52. Tejas Sehgal

      yes please i want an editor edition 3

    53. Avnish Deshpande

      i love how Coby's intros are always cut out

    54. Anna Kate Buercklin

      If u look carefully u can litterly see Ty fold the end of a piece of paper before he puts it in the hat (presumably his)

    55. Faze Plays

      Do do kind of crafty

    56. ayan ayaz

      We want editor edition3

    57. YbloColbY Yeet

      Editor edition 3 please

    58. Matthew S

      Editor Edition 3!!! Give it to us!!

    59. Rolynda White

      c m ,nhznvdhzudvkjsdluasdjnzdkvcvzxv i knoeqw wthat what it is so it xijduahsdsn vi can ve rv n vb b4 b4 br bt by bwbe bebhjftdfshdchjbdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd bwbe

    60. Frank Does It


    61. Assault Staqi

      3:50 Cory just tryna talk 😭😂

    62. Oliver P

      you should have played the intro bacckwards

    63. J.E. T.


    64. UGEIN GxD

      thats so rigged

    65. Chichi 868


    66. Toni Smith

      my name is also tyler

    67. правая рука деда мороза


    68. правая рука деда мороза

      Что это за бабушка была в отпуске

    69. правая рука деда мороза

      Что за бабушка была в видео

    70. HUGO THE PIG

      I’ve seen every vid there

    71. Melissa Porter

      Editor edition is a great video

    72. a Cuz


    73. Amar King Boo !!

      "not top 10" should've been "bottom 10"

    74. BnD Strikes Back

      Editor 3 plz

    75. Cara Clarke

      at 4:00 the ball could be a rubber

    76. Ishaan MB

      Come on!! Tyler mixed the chits n he picked them! What else could've happened??

    77. Ishaan MB

      I left from this video to see southwest airlines video and now I regret watching it😭

    78. Joseph Gonzalez

      If it’s not cool cool then how come red doesn’t mean it’s cool and green doesn’t mean it’s not cool

      1. Joseph Gonzalez

        Overall the vid is awesome

    79. Agalor

      I loved the pizzas hut clip. That has a special place in my heart

      1. Agalor

        We need more swish fishes

    80. Paul Swanson

      Tiler is also my cousins name . Pownd it nog it seeyu

    81. Jack Tinker



      I desire to see all of Coby's intros

    83. D Fong

      I felt so bad for Coby during not cool cool.

    84. Foxxzaa

      This would've been one of the best OT opposite episodes if they did the intro opposite

      1. 1nf!nity

        WELCOME TO T-O 32. (song starts) overtime to on heading were now.. purple hoser, twins, beard, tall guy

    85. Weston Lewis


    86. Mark Furey 31 (STUDENT)

      yes i wnat it

    87. Kelly Schwatken

      that's the first time ty has ever been picked to spin the wheal and it was wheal fortunate

    88. Mikael

      Yes I want do edition 3

    89. killer striker

      Editor edition 3

    90. Pokemon Slayer

      hey will haha

    91. Vernon Klein

      Editor 3

    92. Aquatic Sparkz

      Favorite OT of all time

    93. ryepotato


    94. Unknown

      hated not top ten

    95. Jacob Littleton

      editor 3 please

    96. Lucy Pennings

      No one: Coby: that sounds grinchy 2:09

    97. Cassidy Cassidy

      You know now that im watching the not top 10 again, what happened to Will?

    98. Rachael Parr

      editor edition 3 plssss

    99. Phyllis Thomas

      The handsome politician macropharmacologically gather because female concretely contain with a busy kamikaze. quixotic, needless nurse

    100. Sam Eklund

      It looked like Tyler cheated bc he took out all the names before he picked