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    1. Dude Perfect

      love you guys for reallllllll

      1. Chopper 320


      2. Issac's Exposure

        Love from India ❤️

      3. Afshan Mithani

        @Jackie Blankenship😱😦😷😮🤧👿🤡💩👾👾👾👾👾👾🦶🏼👄👄👄🙏🏿👦🏻💋💋💋💋💋👩🏼‍🦱👨👨👱🏿‍♀️

      4. Afshan Mithani

        @BGY Mix wrwdfs wwwrdgc

      5. Afshan Mithani

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    2. heloo〈3

      bro the intro shot was inane! great job Dude Perfect!

    3. Luke Kanzelberger

      the dodgeball toss looks sketchy

    4. 100 Subscribers With No Videos

      Best intro yet❤️

    5. Fadh_

      0:00 So this is the live of being a hotwheels

    6. Paraic McDonnell

      0:24 I can’t believe he got the bottle flip first try! (look at video of this on second channel)

    7. The Baseball Enthusiast

      3:52 strike!

    8. Brooks King


    9. Shibi Benson

      You guys are awesome. How many years do you practised

    10. Christian van de Schraaf


    11. Ethan Lazaro

      You are awsome

    12. Krishiv Patel

      Hi dude perfect can you please say my name in the next overtime

    13. Devon Romesh


    14. Mal 147a

      Dude perfect living my dream 🥲

    15. Mark Carpenter

      Make kore tv shows

    16. Амалия Самвелова


    17. Soren5344

      3:44, now I'm starting to question: Are they better than Robin Hood? Edit: They made toys more interesting

    18. whitty

      Man, they better at beyblade than I am

    19. Caleb’s Vlog Channel

      Watch this on your VR headset it’s crazy- 00:01

    20. Marcus Carbonaro

      1:15 was cool 😎 Purple hoser nation 🟣

    21. Beth Halpain

      Sweet. Love you Ty, gotta calm yourself done bro. Its gonna be alright fella.

    22. Dakota King

      They cheated go to 3:33 there’s a tack behind the balloon

      1. AeroZer0

        Its noy cheating idiot How would they pop the baloon if it werent therr

    23. KevinPlayz

      I got a dude perfect ad when I was watching this-

    24. specduck

      I love to do this love dude perfect

    25. James Poohnie

      I love this video

    26. voidhalo gaming

      i got a DP ad on a DP video XD

    27. L. Sch

      Anyone else want to know where they got all these toys? I haven't heard seen half of them!

    28. Swapnil DaGamer

      Remember when beyblades were popular

    29. HarryBoi

      It was like a moto vlog 0:05

    30. RTrollings

      I just got a dude perfect editing app ad before watching this..

    31. Liam Dopelhamer

      Yessssssss noooo

    32. Teerth music and gaming

      3:36 Panda exposed

    33. shreks army

      this channle has gone downhill at a 90 degree angle

    34. Porter Johnson

      That Hot Wheels track was the ride of my life!

    35. Varad Naniwadekar

      1:37, What's that toy huh ?🤩

    36. Skittl3

      Y'all getting mad lazy with these trick shots

    37. TwT

      Every kids dream be like: 0:01

    38. Fake Rick Astley

      Ngl it felt like for a horizon

    39. - CURSE -

      They bought those toys and now they will go to their kids after the vid 😂

    40. Kolten Quillian

      Bro who else noticed that the beyblade was sword valkyrie

    41. Kyle Turoff

      where are the girls toys

    42. Luigitoys 6

      Why does the first trick shot take up a 5th of the entire video? Just asking

    43. samarth chawla

      I wish I could get that ride in real life

    44. KANYE EAST

      192 if you know you know

    45. James Leonard Alexander

      Its looks like forza horizon 4

    46. meme chanel

      How much time do you guys have on your hands

    47. SUPERDIE12!!!

      what happened to trick shots?

    48. Abhishek Singh

      Wow it's amazing

    49. Abhishek Singh

      How to possible

    50. Humblelarry1

      Come to Denver and do a show

    51. Janice Sudario

      I like the skatebord hovercup trick shot

    52. Janice Sudario


    53. Dino Derp

      Sorry I am late but it feels like I am in the Hot Wheel Car

    54. Vansh Shah

      In first 47 seconds we not only saw talent of dude perfect but also saw house of one of members of dude perfect 😂

    55. Marko Lord

      The dashing star thirdly decide because attic predictably allow including a didactic toilet. past, old male

    56. KUSH AN

      Trick shot king

    57. Aparna Pandey

      We want panda face reveal

    58. Gushrae

      Nice too see beyblades are getting some recognition and yes I am watching this NOW

    59. radius

      Dp makes fidget spinners cool again

    60. Beyblade Dieguno

      2:17: he used a BEYBLADE I love those things

    61. CHILLIN / S.L.M

      I literaly got a dude perfect ad and thought it was the actual episode for a sec.

    62. Paisleigh Lilliana

      The quaint fight unprecedentedly escape because plough inadvertently seal throughout a sweet cobweb. freezing, homeless cone

    63. Fudge cutter


    64. Lashiz

      This must have been a nightmare to clean up

    65. Kim Sam Nhat Oanh

      The threatening vulture cumulatively tip because silver nationally buzz about a wanting nation. groovy, dynamic bridge

    66. Leader Zark

      I really got a dude perfect ad lol

    67. J Cook

      How do you do these trick shots

    68. Toon Link

      I dont like roller coasters, but that hot wheels roller coaster intro was epic!

    69. BeybladeFreaks

      2:17 Beyblade 🤩

    70. Monokuma

      What their parents see: aww look how they playing! What the kids see:

    71. BangerBoi

      The music is HYPE!!!!

    72. Nicky769

      Hot wheels part was so cool

    73. Rasyid Zikry

      The best thing was when I was watching the hot wheel track, i was wearing a vr headset. RANDOMLY

    74. COOP6989

      Love you guys too don’t have to say it every time

    75. SnowwEditz

      You should make a non-edited trick shot video and call it “The Most Boring Trickshot Video Edition”

    76. Karen Ng

      Panda is finally back

    77. FloriKowski2


    78. Xerneas _

      We need those Beyblade Trick shots

    79. Gabriel Starr

      Nerf trikshots

    80. Aryan kashmoney8


    81. zaneplayx3

      4:23 woh

    82. Trick shot time

      I just remembered that dude perfect has forgotten to bust the bottle on Cory's head I think they literally forgot about that thing

    83. Brooks T

      just realized this was panda first appearance in a while

    84. Shounak Tikotekar

      who's that at 03:37 ?

    85. Sudha Rani Vasa


    86. Piro

      2:53 toy name please

    87. SpadeX

      1:03 imagine the ball didn’t go in

    88. Raunav sen

      These guys just defy every law of physics

    89. Tony Gregg


    90. Claire Miller

      You guys are sooooooo talanted😁!!!!!!

    91. Max Ng

      Which Beyblade did you guys use I have some but never have I got a real Beyblade and I can tell which Beyblade is real and which Beyblade is fake so if you post a picture of its parts I would be happy to tell you guys if it's real or not thanks!

    92. NDNG Ata

      8 J

    93. Alex Kexagias

      My favorite was Garrett's beyblade one

    94. RenPlayz_


    95. Lazar Mutavdzic

      4:28 hahahahhaaha

    96. 2018 Lada

      Wait jot wheels arent only kids toys

    97. Lindsie Ambrose

      JESUS LOVES YALL 💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖

    98. It’s sweet mango Amber

      What’s the song l love it??

    99. ddmn0_0

      Any1 know the toy at 2:46 ?

    100. KANYA Davidson

      I honestly don’t get why this has so many thumbs down??? They put so much time and effort into their content.