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    Egg Drop Challenge featuring GIANT OSTRICH EGGS! Wives vs. Chad returns along with a brand new segment, HACK ATTACK!

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    Intro: 0:00
    Wheel Unfortunate: 0:37
    Get Crafty: 06:00
    Wives vs. Chad: 13:49
    Hack Attack: 20:26

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    1. Dude Perfect

      Leave your "we miss Cool Not Cool" comments here 🙄 Guys...it's not dead it's just on vacation come onnnnnnn 😹

      1. Emily VanderWall

        Mighty Ducks is amazing

      2. BLOB

        We miss Cool not Cool

      3. Zxlda

        Cool not cool


        Big Fan!!

      5. K&J

        Wait the guy from wheel unfortunate isn't Tyl wow they looked a like

    2. Austin Morris

      I love how they have made it to where I see ty and ned as 2 different people

    3. Zachary Leonard Spencer

      Pug is staped

    4. Sachin J.


    5. dixie normus

      Cool not cool

    6. Brady Kroeker

      Cory will win

    7. ADG SOHAN

      No doubt it is cory

    8. Arthur Fields

      I have actually gotten a Turkey in Bowling once it was awesome!

    9. Lemur Fun

      They need to make wife’s vs chad show up more often. Makes me laugh all the time.

    10. マラ喰い

      My NLname is full of pretty girls. Please definitely see it!

    11. Hudson Embry

      Jesus loves you

    12. EJ King

      More wives vs chad please that's too funny!!

    13. Istiak Ahmad

      I love over time Theme song

    14. Titan world

      In the Lightning’s round they should of named sandlot

    15. L0k3 d20uz4

      Chad tryna guess every sports movie series ever created

    16. L0k3 d20uz4

      Garret's got the egg thing in the bag

    17. BlissXFull

      I need brazis i wish i can get them

    18. Elizabeth Thompson

      Who’s Kristen

    19. DROPPIN

      go t t an i like t t so muck

    20. DROPPIN

      you are so cool

    21. Anthony Farah

      Love wives vs chad

    22. AllPreds

      15:45 Chad you are now my least favorite member of DP 👎

      1. Dj angeles


    23. You are Beautiful

      1:23 wait how did they edit Tyler twice explain pls!

    24. Mitul Garg

      Garrett don't feel bad. You are lucky to find an amazing lady kristen

    25. Josh Dworman


    26. Jennifer Boldt


    27. Kirdy07

      I want to have, mine doesn't look like that back

    28. Nichole Gray


    29. Robert Dalbec

      That slide by sparky tho 👀

    30. Genesis Lucas



      I think for the egg drop it's going to be Tyler

    32. Iris Beaden


    33. Whitney Carr


    34. Jc1m8


    35. Rola Aljamal

      13:38 Cory and Garrett have the smartest build

    36. Clare M

      Who is Ned?!?!

    37. Rodney Hobbs

      I have the same toothbrush as the one that Garry used.

    38. Jai Tiwari


    39. Polaar


    40. jacqlyn mietzel

      purple hoser

    41. Luke Goated 4!!

      The Waterboy Benchwarmers Field of dreams Comment other spots movies they did not say

    42. YoutubePerson

      I think Tyler will win

    43. Vishal Shingala

      15:46 ohh really?

    44. Ayesha Naureen

      Gear will win

    45. THE HUNTER

      Cory will win

    46. Giri charan


    47. Kartik KS

      The purple hoser garrett will win

    48. Carrie LaCrosse


    49. nahla ahmed

      I don't think anybody

    50. Alex Kowalyk

      Space jam 2 is out

    51. Parag Joshi

      Hockey not a sport? Chad is the dumbest person in the room.

    52. Jake Seesholtz


    53. Zack Leithauser

      Garret: I know mine won’t win Garret a month later dropping his out of a helicopter and it surviving

    54. Derek Liu

      does "cars" not count as a racing movie

    55. Will Evans

      Jesus loves you all

    56. erg resg

      Chad: Hockey isn't a sport Canadians: Do you know who you are talking to?

    57. PH Gaming

      Ty and Ned have the same shoes. Wow!

    58. Arya Moghadam

      19:26 I knew one of them was going to say Space Jam. That was an excellent guess.

      1. Landon Menear

        They also said space jam 2 before it even got released or knew about it

    59. MadiGrace07

      They forgot thunderstruck

    60. FlareBoyRonS

      The pic of ty in the thumbnail tells a lotttt of stufff😂😂😂

    61. Exotic Fade


    62. Gohan the Turtle

      There's two Ty's

    63. bad gamer

      That makes me feel better about my braces

    64. caleb bonilla

      Wives vs Chad was amazing

    65. Spiker Boy 3

      I am sad hat nobody said Field of Dreams.

    66. Litty Gibu

      I think corry will win

    67. Cade Anderson

      NEED MORE "WIVES vs CHAD"!!!!!!!!

    68. Rahul Varma

      Wait what??? HOCKEY is a sport. and it is includedd in the olympics to...

    69. Rekevia Dabney

      It is ty

    70. WhyPfRim


    71. Carole Lanteigne

      Winning Whit flying colour

    72. A J


    73. daxter hunter

      The straight astronomy consistently empty because loss densply scold regarding a youthful stamp. highfalutin, tearful east

    74. Donoven Higgins

      Garrett going to win in ot 26

    75. Reuben Botha

      The advantage of the parachute is that it get more effective the higher the drop becomes.

    76. Thebeast111


    77. Zach Lincoln


    78. Winton Seng

      “Yes chad you are unstoppable” 😂😂😂

    79. AmericanHades

      Every show on everyone combined in every overtime up to this point all of the segments equal 100

    80. Free Time

      The legendary battle starts now, guys

    81. Lukas Keuter

      Twin in the green shirt!!!

    82. COENCJC11 YT

      I think Cody did the best

    83. Konstantin MacKinnon

      We need more wives vs chad

    84. Darvis antonio Cifuentes

      We miss Cool Not COOL"

    85. Wilkins Blair

      The noxious exclamation directly earn because gasoline spectroscopically wander mid a honorable libra. concerned, classy anatomy

    86. Jones Street Kids

      I miss voice box

    87. Elizabeth Turner

      The intro tho…

    88. Bodacious117

      That marker hack definitely does not work lol

    89. Slickshady

      No going to talk or think about I thought Ned was TT!

    90. Jack Nelson

      20:00 sandlot 1,2,3

    91. George Bucur

      Dp: does useless life hacks 5 min crafts: GIMME THAT

    92. Adrian Toader-Rausch


    93. AFDOP Video's

      The wives should create a channel called picture perfect and do things like dude perfect but girly

    94. Deidre Bacala


    95. Kyla Gardiner

      I miss cool not cool! Poor Gerret!

    96. Kirbo

      Rocky 8?!?mighty ducks 4?!?

    97. josh frain

      dont you think getting braces is to fair

    98. Ian Wharton

      I watch dude perfect 24/7