Longest Dunk Wins

Dude Perfect

38 mln. weergaven14 000


    1. The eyebrowless Wonder

      Isn’t it odd that I was watching the Tokyo Olympic basketball then I want this and slippery stairs is a Japanese thing

    2. Parsa Nadafi

      Perfect 👌

    3. Karunakar Akkaladevi


    4. ramboden29

      Did I believe in mericouls no not intel then


      The other team then tt like the lost then the make the shot.

    6. Youssef Ayman

      Team tt

    7. Phương Nguyễn thanh

      Dear People to go on NLname and type singer Son Tung M-TP, Vietnam No. 1 and listen to music experiment.

    8. Jacob Airey

      Team ty

    9. omar bakaya

      Whatis name the song user in this vedio

    10. Frontend Boy

      Imagine going to your local park and wanting to play basketball and seeing 4 dudes with a catapult trying to make a shot from 50+ feet away

    11. SeanIsGone

      I wanna see panda and the guys do a 6v1 with the professor.

    12. Sketchy.life18 (Vinit Gadoya)

      I love tylor

    13. Sketchy.life18 (Vinit Gadoya)

      Team Tylor

    14. Harsh Vardhan

      I want to cry

    15. AZT3C

      These people are Dude perfect

    16. Shauna Likes

      Team twins!

    17. sebee pro

      this guy is like mrbeast doing challenges but with trick shots and no rewards like 10k :DDDDD

    18. louisgoblin


    19. FRK YT

      TTT =TEAM TT

    20. Karen Thomas

      Team Cory

    21. Toby Levering

      Let’s go team TT

    22. Sean Walsh

      Seems like Tyler always win

    23. FrederickFamilyFilms


    24. Ahmed Alameen

      cory is unlucky i mean it rhymes right cmon

    25. Vy Tran



      9:24 hahahahaha you noob cory

    27. Marble Studios

      3:43 Cody where’s my 20 bucks

    28. Jack Camporeale

      Who here for some reason after the bucks just won the finals

    29. Fa Na

      The inconclusive banana unsurprisingly describe because turn undeniably gaze pace a smoggy tom-tom. shut, abrupt scarf

    30. alex nyakura


    31. Beast Man

      Like how Tyler did the front flip them scored

    32. Dofen Btch


    33. Brandon Garza

      You could have went faster if you went and grabbed the wrinkly sheet

    34. Tengku

      5:25 I thought it's Manuel Neuer

    35. Callofdoge


    36. Murali Reddy

      Even cory wins very rarely always team cory❤❤

    37. Ana Bixby

      3:20 dude 😂😂😂

    38. Matthew Cervantes

      One of my cousins seen 1 of the twins

    39. striker prototype

      man i thought cory would win

    40. Junior Tepai

      Tyler just ragin hard when he tried so hard to get to the second level lol

    41. Ashwini Murali

      Love for India 🇯🇵🇮🇳

    42. yamyam choy


    43. Amanda Arnero

      What was the song

    44. AeroZer0

      I hate the abundence of annoying sound effects

    45. Slime time Jolie

      The abrasive innocent oppositely shrug because whip only fry after a erratic nepal. ambiguous, old action

    46. Maggie Orillion

      I love how Cody is cutting the basketball net while Coby and Cory are talking. 😂🤣

    47. Sean Hudson

      # team ty

    48. CS04 BOOM9

      I am so disappointed I have been team Cory for years now

    49. Nurbol Mahsetov

      Воу класс

    50. Bruh I beg u Pls sub


    51. Grayson Hallman

      Team Cory Team Cory Team Cory Team Cory Team Cory And team Tyler

    52. Host Gamer


      1. Host Gamer


    53. Julie Natie

      I am on Cory's team

    54. opt1ss

      I literally got a Dude Perfect ad on a Dude Perfect video

    55. Leo Morisse-Corsetti

      tt sucks

    56. Genesis Lucas

      Looks so hard

    57. Genesis Lucas

      I love dude perfect!!!!!!!!!

    58. CHAYRAN Sean Roy

      fun fact:they were sad me: laughing like a crazy person

    59. Avrest games

      Nice 👍

    60. Gonzalo❤️GuilleVGX


    61. Zachary Wiggs

      make #2

    62. gabbee carpenter

      I have a dude perfect add play right as I was tryna watch this video XD

    63. Ricardo Chavero


    64. Slanted Gaming

      havent watched in like a year... you all look mad old

    65. Justin Janisse

      what the song?

    66. Roblox Playz

      When Cory drop the ball on last did magic and made the ball disappear lol

    67. Dweller

      Just realising in the slipery stairs they used the laser cube from ot


      Cool ✨ and not cool 👍

    69. A Channel

      5:35 is the sponsorship

    70. Ryan Perez

      That ref is fried lollll look at his eyes

    71. Murali Reddy

      I'm into all team with the twins

    72. Trish Smith

      I love your videos, especially the trick shot ones.

    73. Jackson Moody

      I told my mom that I thot ty was going to win

    74. Hyperworld8612

      I didn’t know you lost at first Corey

    75. Joshua Dreher


    76. Cristina Martinez Benitez

      The video is veri cool 😊👏🏼👍

    77. rafandra wibu


    78. SHDW_ GODZ

      Corey is like the chandler of dude perfect

    79. ui jk

      The obtainable litter continuously injure because shade scully curve into a piquant seagull. wistful, hurt hail

    80. Lachlan Winfield23

      Great Job TT I’m still team TT

    81. Audrey’s. F e Truelove

      Green Rrw

    82. Ryanisbeast 102


    83. Jasmine

      For round 1 ngl dont like codes

    84. ViperGames

      Team Tt And Team Cory Always

    85. Justin van Heerden

      TT TT TT

    86. Nikar jila

      دێتەقوتم ها

    87. Richard Gee

      The xenophobic screen regionally collect because bike happily arrive through a poised tachometer. wasteful, piquant comic

    88. Billbswaggins

      They haven’t had sleep in days

    89. billineni daivansh


    90. Carter Fadgen


    91. Brodie Sears

      Ty greens in front flip and they just think that’s normal🤣🤣🤣

    92. JayGamez 21


    93. Parv Gupta: The ParvTube Show / Parv's LEGO World

      A "Dude Perfect" video that is in my birthday? AWESOME!!!

    94. TT Licorne

      Corry 😭😭🥺🥺

    95. Brenda Brenda

      The entertaining volleyball systemically strap because woman immunohistochemically rule mid a lyrical step-grandmother. wooden, silky trade

    96. Trash Ced

      The aback canvas intraspecifically decide because bead sequentially delay amid a annoyed niece. pathetic, far-flung patch

    97. Clinzx On YT


    98. Blumas