I Got Hit By A Car

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    Drift cars, drag racing, and demo derby! Today's battle is INSANE!
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    1. haslinda latif

      Hey Dude Perfect, Can You do Model Rocket Battle 3? Please

    2. Josefa da Conceição Souza

      I wanted to be known on NLname just like VCS NLnameres but I'll never make it 😔😔😭❤️❤️❤️

    3. Sarah Catherine Davis

      Quote of the vid is when Cory said “holy gwKUaMoleY”.

    4. Justen Queen

      you have to use the e brake to drift

    5. connor knowles

      Tlyer won check blind asian people

    6. TylerTurtle46

      Do hat trick shots soon please

    7. Suleman Khan

      you guys should do a tour of each one of ur houses

    8. Diellza Berisha

      Smone did tour 50 plak in it is anazing serch en youtube

    9. Blake Menard

      In the i’ve toured in Ottawa this year

    10. Tashy

      you guys should do a reverse episode of ot, like where its wheel fortunate, big games small prizes, the chairs are switched around

    11. ELEMENTO-str

      i was hopping that i can drift in my age of 14 xD

    12. John Denver

      Subscribe to kabab101

    13. Monika Khurana


    14. Eli Kobs

      TT won

    15. Adriana gonz Melisa

      Cody top 2021

    16. Edoardo Lucio Valle


    17. Anna Lota

      Budda by z nimi wygrał 🥇 kto z polski.? 😏😉🇵🇱👍🎾

    18. آنس كالو


    19. Jaskaran Badwal

      this guy made a lego version of your stereotypes videos LEGO Dude Perfect Swimming Pool Stereotypes

    20. Gianluca Nicolazzo


    21. Gianluca Nicolazzo


    22. Jacob Matthew Saure

      Can we go back to trick shot

    23. Gibson njil


    24. フランクスタジオ

      凄い😆初めて動画を見ました!great😆😆Nice Video😊🙌🙌🙌👍

    25. adam trosper

      On my birthday November 7 they have a show at the Portland moda senter and I might get to go

    26. Dr.Daredevil

      imagine dp ft barak obama playing basket ball


      Love from love India 🥰♥️

    28. K&S gaming


    29. Michelle Fimbres

      Purple hoser used to be a lot less Serious

    30. Bao Nguyenminh

      Do balisong men

    31. Ruben Tishkun

      The drift car oh yea

    32. Mr Fhantom

      Shotgun trick shot 2 pls

    33. Sunita Jain

      Really thought Cory would loose his voice! Can wait for da next vid,hope it's an OT or a stereotype!!!

    34. xd P4X

      Tt and cody were burni g rubber and cory was burning his voice out

    35. solomonplayz

      NO if you watch replay codys car broke firat

    36. いけちゃん切り抜き【official】

      You made my day.

    37. Gibson Haase

      Sometimes if you want will you do a softball or frisbee trickshot videos, thank you.

    38. Pragya Srivastava 38 secA

      Best NLnamers

    39. Solo

      Yeah, Welcome to Flatout 4 |

    40. Tommy Carter

      Hope you had fun playing Cypress! Hank’s my father in law, next time hopefully I can join you and Kelly. Been a subscriber for a long time!

    41. TheBlueGlitch

      Coby, your voice deserves something... rest it lol

    42. Peter Isaacson

      Cory lost his voice

    43. KDN

      haha funny corrupt judges hahaha very funny guys

    44. Jonathan Bradshaw

      dude perfect is old

    45. dolita windo

      I’m literally on my way home from the Bristol dragway while watching this

    46. Jdogdaking

      New video idea ring trickshots let me know what you think

    47. hany mekhael

      This is my number one favorite video

    48. Ayms Gaming

      I think we will never know us who is the panda

    49. Ethan Kraynak

      You guys are my favorite NLnamers of all time

      1. dolita windo

        Indo sini 👇

    50. Matthias Cinematic Universe

      Why the f did Ty not use his seatbelt? A very bad example, ignoring safety features :( Thats a dislike for me on this one

    51. K1NG

      Bro Coby cheated the end Tyler obviously won by a little

    52. PlzSubscribe!

      i love the title of the video is just "I Got Hit By A Car"

    53. Epic Siblings Gaming

      I love watching your shows

    54. anumanu mattath


    55. PaPa POVEY

      Ty talking about losing weight off the car an the back seat has enough paper for 3 offices...

    56. Pooja Gupta

      Do buying electronics stereotypes

    57. Pooja Gupta

      You are best

    58. Pooja Gupta

      Want overtime

    59. Pooja Gupta

      We want water bottle trick shots 4

    60. Pooja Gupta

      Nice dudes

    61. Pooja Gupta

      Yes cody is the winner

    62. Pooja Gupta

      I am your subscriber

    63. Pooja Gupta

      Nice video

    64. ItsLime

      team coby all the way

    65. Anak Kadal

      Indo sini 👇

    66. oOof

      India’s highways be like:

    67. firasandfarid gaming

      wow you have 56 million sub almost like mrbeast

    68. Cric Previews and Vlogs by Junior RJ Pranav

      Congrats, Cody for winning another battle. Hey Dude Perfect, I've been enjoying your videos from India. I just have a suggestion for you guys for your battles - can you guys make trick shots/battles related to cricket? I'm just suggesting. Still love your videos though. 🇮🇳 ❤️ 🇺🇸

    69. Ethan Heacock

      So in the first challenge it would have been easier if you just use the e-brake

    70. Aditya

      hey daniel kraft made you a playbutton talk about it in the next video plsssss

    71. Phương Nguyễn thanh

      Dear People to go on NLname and type singer Son Tung M-TP, Vietnam No. 1 and listen to music experiment.

    72. Yama Shita


    73. WestonTheGoat

      Daniel craft made you a play button

    74. martonios polus


    75. Sport Brothers

      please sub to sport brothers thanks

    76. Djth Jkd

      When should we guyz expect a new "Trick Shot" video from u, it's have been a long time that u haven't uploaded such a video

    77. Wayne Skurow

      Isn’t Cody supposed to were a suit

    78. GigiNews74

      Subscribe to me Thanks DP