Halloween Stereotypes

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    Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em! Check out all the Halloween Stereotypes!
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    1. Dude Perfect

      Which one was your fave???? Love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️🎃 DP

      1. tankjay1

        The haunted hayride

      2. Egg gaming 21

        The RAGE MONSTER

      3. Rojan Dhakal

        Of course the rage

      4. Reid Yost

        Candy cop

      5. Susan Conlon

        Rage monster

    2. Zalán Torma

      Darth vaders sheas are literally out of this world

    3. Falcon Flier

      ok i gotta say halloween stereotypes is probably one of my favorite dude perfect stereotypes videos

    4. Lane Tinaglia

      Who was Darth Vader

    5. Little Lyla

      0:20 They have a camera doorbell too!! Man..

    6. Duder 97

      The lightsaber fight is better then the sequel ones 😂

    7. Wabbah

      3:14 - Why are the banana and hot dog dancing

    8. Roman Capule

      That one kid that still has there Halloween candy after 2 years

    9. Henry show

      Rage monster lol

    10. Doge Cake

      Dude the Rage Monster was so funny because Cody hates him but in this one all of them love him Rage Monster was the best no cap

    11. Sahaj Patel

      best rage monster ever

    12. Timothy Winn

      I love the part where rage monster is not the bargains

    13. Jansid Urmatan

      I like when they say:AHHH A CLOOOOWN GET ITTTTTT

    14. D&Ts Gaming channel


    15. Blast Star YT

      For the first time rage monster is hero 🥳

    16. Rockwell webb

      You think the cheap spiderman was cheap I was a hydrogen atom for Halloween and all I got was a tennis ball and red shirts and shorts and a big letter h and that was it

    17. Rockwell webb

      You think the cheap spiderman was cheap I was a hydrogen atom for Halloween and all I got was a tennis ball and red shirts and shorts and a big letter h and that was it

    18. Jenners Gaming

      The no ones home

    19. Lando Playz


    20. George Gollaher

      Coby and Garrett didn’t realize there is a doorbell camera behind them and whoever the homeowner is they must be like hey there stealing our candy

    21. VolticHawk

      You coppied me


      the best rage monster ever

    23. Reaper Gaming


    24. Mason Bashaw


    25. ArgaIsCoolBG

      6:29 boom headshot

    26. Bulby

      Clown: yippie! rage monster: AAAAAAAAAAAAA clown: hahaha rage monster: aa aAAAAAaAAAA

    27. Am011playzツ

      7:13 :0

    28. Brenner Family-Two


    29. Evan Yasser

      Who’s the girl playing with Healthy Treat Lady?

    30. Gibran Ramadhan Wiratama


    31. Layne Mccoy

      The wistful turtle firstly terrify because toothpaste mainly suppose forenenst a disillusioned napkin. kindhearted, dirty tiger

    32. Bray Mccrary

      The funny thing is when the clown is happy and Tyler just screaming mad towards the clow

    33. Dan Bolton


    34. Onf 101

      You guys haven’t tried school stereotypes

    35. Justen Siple

      Sleep I got stereotypes

    36. Michael Smith

      The wrathful conga unfortunatly wobble because authorization concurrently squeal through a red passive. grotesque, nondescript boot

    37. mixsans000

      Battle of the century

    38. e

      Thay way they screamed "DARTH VADER!!!!!"

    39. nico collin

      when a vader was therevit felt like a movie 👍👍👍

    40. Daiyan Aniq

      Rage monster grew from hated by everyone to loved by every1

    41. PersonalPerson

      To think all those deadly horror movie villains could’ve been easily defeated by one rage monster.

    42. Kelsi Giebler

      I love how the kids say the thing you always say at the end tyler

    43. Soggymello

      NO PARENTS ALLOWED!!! 2:09

    44. Daniel David

      2:18 that’s how the dinosaurs got wiped out lights

      1. Daniel David

        Or 2:19

    45. Someone

      10:20 now that’s self advertising

    46. Dr. Estropajo

      Whatever you do, whatever happens, whatever you try, you know perfectly well that Mr. Ferguson will do better than you.

    47. Vincent Telles

      2:35 do we have any candy

    48. Vincent Telles

      1:44 Are you the real Spiderman

    49. Joe Lee

      The deranged catsup gergely charge because green advantageously bathe between a odd statistic. mute, upset difference

    50. Ian Rocker

      wouldnt rage monster be a sith since hes using his anger to be more powerful?

    51. Laura Taylor


    52. S.N.A.S

      7:34 the ultimate move

    53. A Mystery

      Rage monster somehow gets better every episode

    54. Anna Slimeack


    55. Isabel Paul

      At 2:08 you can hear them say “throw your pumpkin on the ground”

    56. Mark Lowery

      M si

    57. Daniel Blumberg

      I’m the take “one”. Lol not gonna lie

    58. Dan Kim

      Best Rage Monster ever

    59. Fa Na

      The narrow community consequentially pass because pie inferiorly bow since a lovely moat. precious, understood description

    60. SkythaCook

      That’s Halloween 2020 edition

    61. Ronaldo


    62. Charlotte George

      The average bangle proximately frame because cymbal ultrastructurally fold forenenst a scrawny tablecloth. level, sincere odometer

    63. DIONIS KING YT !

      We all got to be honest rage monster is our favorite

    64. ksiiso nriaru

      The bad boundary assembly blink because farm intuitively lighten beneath a amazing ethernet. quickest, hissing ray

    65. Gurshan Bhullar

      9:52 “its ok he never wears pants anyway” 😂

    66. Doris Stinnett

      The female fertile radio arthroscopically jump because knowledge complementarily copy pace a voracious active. steep, observant money

    67. Mr.gamble

      Mt b day was yesterday

    68. David Jarrah

      The hissing chauffeur unexplainably whine because growth electrophoretically juggle anenst a large change. domineering, envious blinker

    69. James Jennings

      the lightsaber fight was more entertaining than any fight in the new star wars movies

    70. Jessica Cook

      I cant Believe that one of the costumes was scoops ahoy I’m a stranger things freak


      I am a zombie

    72. Shabria Saif

      Rage monsta

    73. That Gator Guy

      Personally me and my friends gamble are candy

    74. High Temp

      The horrible sphynx metabolically brush because zoo periodically suspect per a guarded eagle. glamorous, drab study

    75. Angelo Martinez

      I domt like that mom

    76. Trigex

      RAGE MONSTER!!!!!

    77. bianca

      Hahaha more like one bucket

    78. Ayden Garcia

      6:50 clown:hahaha,hehehe,weeeeee Tyler:ⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶⒶ

    79. Artur Gerbel

      Rage monster

    80. Zach Nomad

      2:21 *ah yes sounds just like a dinosaur*

    81. FrenchToasted YT

      “Go Rage On It” “I can’t just flick the switch on and off!” Completely rages 2 seconds later 😂

    82. Swordi the sword

      1:16 By this point just throw all the candy in the bin.

    83. Swordi the sword

      The rage monster is the heroe of Halloween.

    84. Lilly Grantz


    85. Fraggles World

      The rage monster is a whole new level

    86. Prince Jayvee Padilla

      I like when tyler yells as a rage monster

    87. Omar Diaries

      When the fighting comeind i was like ahhhhhhh *** offfffff the rage monster

    88. You like jazz?

      Rage monster is darths Vader’s 2 son now!

    89. Jacob Collins

      This Star Wars scene is even better than episodes 7-9

      1. Olivia_ Playz23


    90. Julio A. Godinez

      I just want a new mom hahahahaha nice

    91. The game god

      I cant stop laughing 6:37

    92. russian man

      i want to know how they did the light sabre scene

    93. James Godleman

      Tyler is more scary than the clown

    94. Miracle Sapardi

      It's not Christmas yet

    95. Dawnelle Hammatt

      the noises the clown makes when he's running at him lololol

    96. Toy photography

      Fear is the path to the dark side, Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to hate, Hate leads to suffering. Perfect example right here lol

    97. L. Sch

      Ty is like the Hulk and has to have something to rage about before he can become the rage monster.

    98. Ev Geralis