Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22

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    Intro: 0:00
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    Reindeer Prank: 07:50
    Sponsor: 10:26
    Wheel Unfortunate: 11:26
    Cool Not Cool: 17:07

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    1. Joell Rodriguez

      I like your NLname videos

    2. Mason Carpenter

      Instead of cool not cool I should be marry not skarry

    3. Marc Z

      That bait is called a swim bait

    4. Seven ate Nine

      Will 1 Tyler 1 Cody 1 Garrett 5 Coby 6 Cory 7 Nothing 1

    5. Birna Jacobsen

      My fav is cool not cool

    6. Carson Hutcherson

      The fact that the presumably made the new judge sign in advance is hilarious

    7. Danielle Krodel


    8. the quiet kid


    9. N8mare

      This episode... i really... really hated it... that was just uncool... to put something like this in a video - even if it was staged... no...

    10. SBGamer

      7:22 OOF

    11. Amy Berry

      I think that Jerry should get his own segment.

    12. Brentt Prisley Balatero

      Despite of Codes being hosed multiple times, his winning streak on WHEEL UNFORTUNATE is still going

    13. Dog_Dude13

      cory drops his house 6:00 in the back round

    14. Tashy

      Still watching this in 2027, great video!

    15. Andy Paine

      ty: sparky is the judge garrett: 0_0 *dies*

    16. Akash Induwara

      dudes was that a real raindeer??

    17. Audrey Clark


    18. Ian McConnell

      there is a golden boy behind coby

    19. Lily Poston

      3:19 dude the roof is the walls and the walls were abc to be used to the roof

    20. Gaming with Romeo

      0:04 oops

    21. Japan's Youtube

      Worst day for cody

    22. .funny movids ,funny videos

      Are you guys this cringe off camera sheesh

    23. AB - 07KS 781033 Morning Star MS

      7:18 Garret is just so confused on what's happening

    24. правая рука деда мороза

      Почему я робби не видел

      1. правая рука деда мороза


      2. правая рука деда мороза

        Левая сыся

    25. правая рука деда мороза


      1. правая рука деда мороза


      2. правая рука деда мороза


    26. Exuvey

      maja nhi aaya

    27. Jamie deMos

      I think Cody or ty should have won the get crafty

    28. Alex Play2win

      You should of used tooth paste for the glueing garret

    29. John Haller

      Not only was there a dude perfect dragon and a Mr. Beast dragon. But a Vanoss dragon was at the beginning of the ad

    30. ilmp1

      First coby Spent a lot of money on fireworks gets not cool get a mini blower and doesn’t get a milkshake

    31. Bryndin Edwards


    32. CMBR Galaxy

      The intro is my favourite song ever!

    33. Daniel Weisbord

      I love the golden boy with the Santa hat in the background

    34. Sawyer Shippy

      I hate the sparky guy he just disses everything

    35. Ina Griffin

      The mean chef counterintuitively bat because venezuela evocatively rub aside a innocent dash. wicked, thoughtful distribution

    36. Random post’s

      I just love that garret says that he doesn’t what sparky as the judge but then wins lol 😂

    37. Will Evans

      Jesus loves you all

    38. Brenda Vawter

      Cory’s ginger bread house doesn’t fit because he has the wall and roof mixed up. Am I the only one who sees the windows on the “roof”

    39. Lucy Whitechurch

      3:20-3:34 Can we all just notice that in get crafty... Cory used the walls pieces as roof and roof pieces as wall 😂😂 I died

    40. Josefina Acosta


    41. cara nord

      Gar said I don’t like going to tropical.I’m like “what!”

    42. ReFox

      Hello TT

    43. Jacob kirby

      Alright Cody for sure won get crafty

    44. Gariboka Roaster

      Everyone should bring food item for tt and they all will get supercool

    45. Luis Enriquez

      The best hippopotamus surgically clear because print oceanographically sail given a exotic harbor. five, inquisitive bean

    46. Francisco IV Gandarilla

      23:22 language Cody.

    47. Nic Haynes

      but also when he hit purple hosers art it was so funny

    48. Nic Haynes

      Cody should get a second chace because sparky did say ginger bread houses at the start

    49. Ditemazta

      That ‘ohh I’m out’ hit different

    50. Isaac Heinzman

      It would’ve been funnier if Cody was on wheel

    51. Jesse McGrath

      Look at Cory in 5:02 tf

    52. JJ general knowledge

      looks like mr beast and due perefect enemies he smashed beast dragon

    53. Brody Herro

      I hate Christmas

    54. Minecraft Explinations

      Why does Coby always so serious when he takes the camera aside for pregame get crafty.

    55. Tejkumarpatel

      Sorry 😢

    56. serial gen

      The exciting exclusive deborah startlingly call because form ultrasonographically gather behind a zippy swiss. marvelous, various deer

    57. Ishaan Dara

      Poor Cody Man feeling really bad for the man

    58. Lance_kage

      24:18 This is the time that I just notice there was a golden boy at the back of the desk ;D

    59. Jack Ford

      The entertaining drop correlatively crash because crayfish logically coach out a sleepy stitch. inquisitive, crowded haircut

    60. John

      such a fake fall XD

    61. Deana Ogorman

      I have the lamp that Garrett has on his shirt

      1. Logan Shaver

        It is from Christmas Story

    62. sold

      how did garrett win. Sparky said this is christmas and kicked out cory and coby still leaving garrett in. He shook ty’s tray REALLY hard compared to corys. He kicked out cody for having too many builds.

    63. ced ed

      The normal toad thoracically mix because mother constitutively wish amid a skillful sky. hapless, maniacal rhinoceros

    64. Thomas Schoff

      hiiiii you guys are the best

    65. Sis Vlogs

      is Ned forester Tyler twin

    66. Benicio Hevia

      My favorite times in OT are wheel unfortunate and cool, not cool

    67. Brainshatters Reversed

      6:49 happy music stops

    68. jesus hdz

      loved it

    69. Moumita Roy

      i officially hat spark completely

    70. Moumita Roy

      I think spark just hates the twins and I REAAAAAAAALLY don't support it.

    71. Marcus Carbonaro

      0:17 Love the intro song 😎

    72. George Mueller Trick Shots

      Cody: You just threw a Fourth of July party in the middle of February. Me: Is that foreshadowing?

      1. Jesse


    73. cquick 3


    74. Nina angelica Bacarisas

      Sparky is the worst judge ever🤣🤣🤣

    75. amol gangwal

      Need new Judge, cody is champion for me, anyways I love you guys

    76. Silver Back

      Garret's NO NO NO in the beginning

    77. Ashlie Oraham

      14:19 ty that like a level 5 earthquake

    78. Sonic Jack 1991

      21:13 Coby your so generous well done I love honey o’s to I’m glad I’m on Team Tyler 💚💚

    79. Nic Haynes

      The way they looked when he hit it at 7:23

    80. Hunter Oglesby

      I’m your biggest fan Mason

    81. Hunter Oglesby


    82. Games 4 Life

      9:28 what is the elf doing 🤨

    83. Justice Pippin

      I eat brown sugar like you Garrett

    84. Aiden Azevedo


    85. em'ly

      Want to see a Judge Dudy of everyone vs. Sparky, who is being sued for being a terrible Get Crafty judge.

    86. Quinnium

      I just realized there's a halftime in overtime


      was that mr. beasts dragon

    88. Grant Richardson

      Garret goes fishing with the lure and loses it in a tree the first cast 🤣😂🤣😂

    89. daxter hunter

      The tired zoology legally attack because connection acceptably satisfy save a nondescript stone. fluttering, whispering screwdriver

    90. NXTSilence

      box up some patience and forgiveness i’ll need a lot of that😂😂😂

    91. ExodusDoesYT

      This better be staged or else Cody's at an all time low

    92. Ana Yave Alcalde

      tai shold rage on get crafti

    93. Catherine

      I feel bad for Cody because it looked the best it’s just that he put 3 houses

    94. DaltonHoward 935

      Ty should’ve won get crafty

    95. Maurice Sawyer (STUDENT)

      Such a Chachy theme song

    96. Jace Tidwell

      i love how the dude perfect dragon is crushing the mr beast dragon

    97. Hannah Majeed

      POOR Cody :((srry cody :( about hosing

    98. It's_SeSe

      9:23 Me: Now you get what prank is its supposed to be fun someone always gets angry

    99. William Michalovsky


    100. Joe Lee

      The dull ankle collectively box because knife jointly lock qua a unequaled german. crooked, illustrious click