GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19

Dude Perfect

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    Hide and seek in a HUGE store, carving massive pumpkins, plus your two favorite segments all in ! Special thanks to Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to shop:

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    1. Josh Leppelmann

      ot 10 was in gars pool

    2. Nelson ej

      Nice crafting T

    3. bucks and bros

      I literally went to the bass pro shop in Springfield Missouri and remember every area that dude perfect went around in the store

    4. Sara Edwards


    5. daniel lawson


    6. daniel lawson

      i love you

    7. Johan Lopes

      This video is ot 19 but it was posted on october 19 btw great videos

    8. CJW Wrestling and more

      Where can I get that nascar car??

    9. Foxy

      i like i spy ty

    10. Rawson Hesse

      The mute note conversantly pop because rate parallely collect pro a breezy height. gaudy, incredible packet

    11. Anna Salgado

      Yeah that would be so cool

    12. William Blackburn

      the that Coby had was a mahi mahi

    13. Kathy Velazco


    14. Bo Filliger


    15. Jennifer Newman

      What’s up with Cory’s leg/foot?

    16. Mohit Sharma

      I wonder what was the intro of first episode of OT

    17. Inportantspeedflash

      who back then used to skip to cool not cool but realized that the other segments are also amazing

    18. Dancing Cockroach

      Bruv, that is the coolest bass pro shop ever, my nearest bass pro isint half as cool..... so scenic

    19. Evan Bergman

      I see buy it all bob is back

    20. EoCo  Summr

      I think my dogs breath tops coby’s baits

    21. Amber Gutierrez

      Bass pro fr I went today

    22. Marcus Carbonaro

      Did none of the guys see all the stuff under the desk for Ty’s cool item ?

    23. ced ed

      The superficial page ganguly glow because table unequivocally happen near a nifty brown. tough, new fired

    24. LaserKnightNinja

      This was on my b day

    25. Noah Sewell

      Cody's is the best because I'm a big fan of NASCAR and he used the 3 car, as i say 3 for dale WE MISS YOU DALE SR

    26. Hammer Time

      Garret: First to find Ty wins Also Garret: Ooo my favorite coffee brand

      1. Milu Jacob


    27. Ina Griffin

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    29. Ásgrímur Hrafn Arnarsson

      The varieties of gars are spotted gar long nosed gar and what he said the tiger gar isn’t real the big one is called an alligator gar

    30. Maddy Stewart

      I love how Tyler said all new consequences even though own a cat is still on their

    31. Byington Bros

      Austin Dillon

    32. .funny movids ,funny videos

      Ty tries too hard to be liked

    33. Rythro_Rezzrr

      Coby: Ty is going to stick out like a sore thumb Also Coby: Last one to find him

    34. KoalaFan

      Why is the dude perfect logo look like JP instead of DP?

    35. Bubba Boi Games

      U can see the wheel in the background

    36. Zachary Wiggs

      you know what would be the best video [Top 10 best] [get crafty] [cool not cool] [wheel unfortunate]

    37. dean viteka

      the judge said he doesn't use other materials yet his pumpkin literally has tree branches on it

    38. brianne andrews

      I have seen them pillows before

    39. bonecrusher daddy

      18:41 is the sound of true pain

    40. Raiiider

      I have the alligator pillow from Christmas

    41. Will Evans

      Jesus loves you all

    42. Jack Finley

      Ned is just built different

    43. Xavier Lozano

      2:45 yeah you would know

    44. Ranger x gaming

      Wait I thought the first on scene overtime was in garrets pool.

    45. Ethan Hazelwood

      Y’all should have put chicken livers in his waiters

    46. seeomoose

      can we talk about how the fish mailbox got a super cool... but not the NASCAR!

    47. Bec Taddeo

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    48. Da_Yanti. F.

      I can't believe a mailbox is cooler than a nascar car

    49. Da_Yanti. F.

      What's wrong with you it's your brother 😭😭😭😭

    50. Mobile King

      Cody said madarchod at 7:07

    51. Slayer Seeku

      can we talk about how garret yelled ooooo my fav coffee brand while everyone else was trying very hard to find ty loool

      1. Slayer Seeku

        @MD. IFAZ Tyler tony

      2. MD. IFAZ

        who is ty loool.

      3. Ralph Power

        We can but are we gonna no

      4. sold

        dont wanna tbh

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    58. Figgo Leo


    59. Lisa Sroka and I drink water sometimes

      *I just got an ad from dude perfect on a dude perfect video lol*

    60. Lisa Valenti

      I live in NJ!!!!

    61. Galaxy_Kitty

      Who’s watching the series for the 6th time? Or is it just me :/

    62. ShadowwNinja9

      Fun fact: Cody’s pillow is a mahi-mahi

      1. The Waffle

        @Kaden Colston bluefin tuna is in my top 3

      2. Kaden Colston

        Litterly the best tasting fish in the world besides blue marlin

    63. john sno

      The bashful sea intrestingly smile because octagon uncommonly memorise afore a peaceful eggplant. wanting, mighty door

    64. Aeiden Zuri

      You should have made him eat the catfish bait

    65. Maryam Creates

      I am from the future, and I am telling you it did not happen yet.

    66. Lightingblade Gaming

      19:43 lol

    67. FherminGames

      Jesus ty bought the whole store

    68. TsukiWooky

      That intro 💕

    69. riot playes

      I wonder if the girl that stepped on tylers foot and sed "not real" has watched the videos😂

    70. Jacob Rebmann

      Does anyone else live in the Springfield Missouri area

    71. Zayden Alarilla

      I spy ty was like the mannequin prank

    72. DIGOATS

      Ned said my name Sonny!

    73. Firey Ice


    74. Lego speed champions fan

      The NASCAR was Austin Dillon’s car

    75. Madelyn Smith

      Mike is my cousin! lol

    76. NaniGaming

      My name is Read more

    77. Kay C

      Garrett be like oh it's my favorite coffee brand gota stay focused

    78. Sebastian Torres

      The girl Came Here For Tyler Said:Not Real Lol That's Very Funny Watch This Came Up Already

    79. Kristijan Andrić

      I whould have made a pumpkin eating another pumpkin to

    80. Rex Tabachnick

      psst. During the intro song, if you fast forward or rewind by 5 seconds, you'll arrive at the same part of the song, just the verse before/after

    81. Harrison Allen Music

      I stood right where they were and I met zeus

    82. Parker Essential

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    83. Bryce Herron

      You should make a toddler stereotypes

    84. Simon Jakimovski

      I had a disease and I sticked with dude perfect it was the only thing that made me happy thanks for everything 😢

    85. Luis Enriquez

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    86. Kirsten Greenall

      .... I saw you in the green nothing ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    87. NemesisProductions

      What is the music on get crafty?

    88. Kim Phuong Nhat Long

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    89. Mason Barker

      I've got a largemouth bass pillow

    90. Mason Barker

      I want that fish mailbox

    91. Nevaeh!!

      Does the (cool not cool)button make the noise or does the editor put the sound

    92. tiktok tiktok

      17:30 this is a random time

    93. Swisher Man

      If you are underwhelmed but the size of my pumpkin just wait until the performance : that’s what she said

    94. Bobby Stevens

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    95. Lost And gone

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    97. Jarius Wiebe

      you guys are the best

    98. Tstingray fan

      I SAW UR AD

    99. CJMT

      the best commercial ever

    100. EpicDragonRoll WC71

      Could anyone else smell that through their phone