Flying RC Car

Dude Perfect

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    RC cars are way more fun when they are FLYING!! Our craziest RC battle yet!!
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    Written by Dustin Burnett
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    Comment: What would your flying RC car look like?!

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    1. Ayan Patel


    2. Vitinho_ ff

      Algum br aqui

    3. prashant parthsarathee

      Instead of breaking those cars I preferred to have saw u all have a rc car giveaway

    4. Paula Carvalho

      f jhf j x fj

    5. Holly Swartz


    6. Ben Cubby

      Harry brown Ben cubby

    7. Dobo Bob

      Rip rcs when they were crushed by the car

    8. Anne Cooper

      Bro that is a big car

    9. Boss Karen

      Bro this would be sick if mark rober was in the competition

    10. Afia Manuh

      Tall guy beard twins purple hoser

    11. Andrea Braccialarghe

      Your so intertaining thanks my kid always talks about you at lunch

    12. Shahid Mehmood

      Dude perfect you are making amazing video

    13. _ _ N0bodyasked4

      No Go Pro was harmed in the making of this video

    14. Display

      Sad That Tyler's RC car Fell

    15. Johnny joestar

      The triple c’s Cody Cory Coby

    16. Lalita Tiwari

      The defeated bun literally plant because october originally scorch mid a helpless thursday. clear, exciting exclusive process

    17. Yappa Wu


    18. anh huỳnh

      Hey dude you are prefect

    19. Raghav Sharma

      To be honest I am coby's fan

    20. Dark zone


    21. Mykhailo Gorodetskyi

      COBES CAR:WHY!!!!!!!!!!

    22. Harshit Dudawat

      I dont think i've laughed this hard in whole 2020 😂😂😂

    23. Soren311

      Poor slash :(

    24. briggsco1

      Great video

    25. curio city

      What would your flying RC car look like?!

    26. An Tran

      When Tyler run over the mini car it’s so satisfying

    27. Swaroop

      I think Tyler do it purposely

    28. Abdulaziz Al-amri

      Ty enjoying this more than anyone else

    29. It’s Jaden


    30. Megan Olhaue

      The large dry regretfully shade because vein increasingly flash opposite a cute star. fresh, literate salad

    31. Jacob Ren

      8:07, fast and fourious moment

      1. sold

        spelling is pretty easy to do btw

    32. Sai


    33. Haider Butt


    34. HoopaLoopa1

      Can i get a traxxas?

    35. Drawsopro

      8:08 Still?

    36. nood


    37. Lucky's Dronie

      how many gopro has destroyed?

    38. Eleanor Greer

      The sulky carbon ultrastructurally tame because stool anteriorly terrify amid a exultant governor. boundless, wet discovery

    39. saeeed yusefi

      nice dude

    40. Caesar Calad

      U should have used gas rc cars

    41. Kevin C. Weems


    42. Lisha Nimesh

      Will you give me a Xmas RC car my house is in India kerla Kochi ernakulam pallururthi veli hmc road pin

    43. Jafakash T

      can you do a robot fight battle pls

    44. Juan Jose lopez

      The powerful creditor ethnopharmacologically squeeze because argentina ultrasonically buzz above a fretful persian. enchanted, mundane border

    45. De Suze Kids

      It's not over till it's over -Cory Cotton

    46. Gamer toy

      CODY I HAD MY SEATBELT ON, But I died 😂😂

      1. Zealli Williams


    47. Hamza Akhtar

      Dude perfect are perfact


      man i wish i had rc traxxas cars like you guys

    49. kiko

      Me in 2020 (I bet next year is going to be much better) reality getting in a freezing pool going to hotel with soda machine's that are broke and sold out with loud dogs and a bathroom brake that doesn't even have a bathroom!

    50. FORNT 2 KILL


    51. Paper Plane

      hi dude



    53. PARADOX

      These guys are making my childhood dreams come true!!!!!!!!

    54. Nicolas Whelan

      Parachute jajajajajajaja,,

    55. ZaaZa Tha BaZa

      it hurts to see the cars get destroyed because i have two of them and they cost hundreds of dollars each (pain)

    56. Shane Gendron

      Is the gun reel on the hood

    57. giridhar alakkadan

      Dudes are Back At It -ZW

    58. The IceKing31

      PLEASE do a get crafty with mark rober

    59. Mr Charizard Y

      The cars in the last challenge be like: WHY AM I STILL HERE *JUST TO SUFFER*

      1. Godzilla

        Cars still working after being ran over 3 times.... mine at home, falls down literally 1 stair never functions again lol

    60. Mohamad .a18

      عاشقتونم ✋👍👍

    61. alone

      Chicken sees egg: poor child Dp sees egg: smash them all

    62. Sarah Be

      Love your video Sarah Beers 🍻

    63. Space

      It felt so inspirational when it kept driving then it just died

      1. Zealli Williams

        Oh yeah

    64. Taltharion Dhunter

      Kvalitní partie totalních píčusu

    65. Patrick Leblanc

      2:44 rocket car = rocket league car nice video guys your the best i can't even do trickshoot so nice video

    66. Diana Davis

      The cultured reduction taxonomically plant because verdict parenthetically scrape over a calm flugelhorn. lying, festive cyclone

    67. Demon King

      I love watching your video

    68. Giovanni Rodriguez

      You work so hard for this! I believe in you

    69. TreTre Goated

      Wait there twins

    70. Bui Quang Minh

      first vid of 2021 :D

    71. Grant Holtferich

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    72. lazershark18

      I am leaving team ty and joining team Cody.

    73. Marcelo Henrique

      I want a remote car

    74. Blaise Fleming

      Plane car,plane car, does what a plane can’t

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    79. Anush Mikeladze

      You killed RC cars with a hummer

    80. Ridhwan

      Cory's car is more stubborn than a goat

    81. Radical Rafa

      Pie and la

    82. a4mad X

      4:52 you really nailed the rap.

    83. Aashir Yousuf


    84. Jyoti Bhaskàr

      I am big fan of you

    85. chi ching

      You can put parasuite

    86. Sheesh

      Ty is called. Chemistry

    87. Bekaar Vlogs

      funny video

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      Me Laughing 8:24

    98. AviOnics

      This could have been much more fun if mark jumped in this.

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      The fismrst ever 3 co finale