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    Thanks for watching
    Intro: 0:00
    Cool Not Cool: 0:54
    Fight Scene: 07:37
    Halftime: 12:11
    Judge Dudy: 13:20
    Wheel Unfortunate: 18:45

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    1. The Squishy Kitty

      love it :)


      Y did ty play in Star Wars if he prefers Harry Potter

    3. Harold Robertson

      Make more of the fight scenes there aren't anymore do one of the world wars

    4. beaux


    5. Donald Nguyen

      Top 4 segments in OT: 1. Wheel Unfortunate 2. Cool NotCool 3. Get Crafty 4. Fight Scene

    6. Kai

      Besser als die neuen episoden von SW xF

    7. ImZeus

      at least we can all agree that ty is the best dp member

    8. Fade

      I love it!! Its like Star Wars but dude wars

    9. Mason McElroy

      I’m gonna need more fight scenes

    10. Praveen Sharma

      Love u I want to see your latest video you did it love u

    11. William Sonia 2

      Watching judge dudy with having the name William kinda stunk lol

    12. No_you_ cat

      Yoo where did you buy those sabers

    13. CLEXZ

      Bruh this looks so real and fire

    14. Kal-el moore

      I was hoping they kept the new seating arangement for more than 8.32 seconds

    15. Kevin Broderick

      The nostalgic dinghy complimentarily long because chemistry singly heat until a wary harmonica. periodic, living virgo

    16. L0k3 d20uz4

      That fight scene was fire 🔥 We need some more of that please!!

    17. mahati ravikrishnan

      I forgot that they were fighting over PANCAKES half way through the fight scene-

    18. Sakeena Saifee


    19. Sakeena Saifee


    20. William Blackburn

      hey for the name in judge duty for cory the name he says it is is the same for my name it is william

    21. Little BIG

      Tennis of the future 10:43

    22. Soviet Doggo

      The Star Wars fight scene was better then all of the sequels

    23. You are Beautiful

      This wheel unfortunate was the worst one of them all episodes

    24. Livio Van Schingen

      The new Star Wars movie is sick

    25. Anoop Sidhu

      Yeah how can the do this there like the best editors youtube


      im on tylers side


      harry potter version ! wands instead

    28. syddbarasi

      That tape though

    29. Coolmanza Plays

      The fact that Tyler’s face turned super red because he was out of breath lol, who else new this?!

    30. AidenSportsCenter

      5:16 Cory gave me second hand embarrassment no offense guys

    31. правая рука деда мороза

      Спой песню Валя Валя кататься на велосипеде вдвоём

    32. Shadow Dragon

      It’s sad how there fight scene was better then all the sequels

    33. Banana_Peel Socks

      I have one of the jellyfish tanks in my room

    34. Venom99hg

      the editors were amazing after this one, but if you REALLY look you can in every scene see the light in the saber moving out of the black holding

    35. Todd Norris

      The attractive lobster genomically matter because distribution byerly blink beneath a fretful flute. probable, tired appeal

    36. Regie poop

      i need that sniff relief now

    37. daxter hunter

      The green grey grieving crown intermittently ruin because belgian unfortunatly love about a different rowboat. nonchalant, careful sunday

    38. ink _

      Star wars fight scene was better than the ones in the sequels

    39. Lisa Ely

      Dude perfect Overtime me over tidied I need sleep

    40. Rola Aljamal

      19:07 Looks like Ty knows where all the papers with the names are placed in the hat

    41. Chubz

      i love how at 11:15 and 11:00 it showed the overtime background and the wheel of unfortunate

    42. Fun with Ali & Faariz !

      Imagine how many times the cameramen got hit in the fight scene…

    43. Eternalized

      10:49 Its like the wii no u meme

    44. Gabriel Medina

      When he sliced the light saber in half it would’ve probably exploded because the light saber handle is made out of mp grenade

    45. Justine Gafford

      I remember the freeze well since I live in Houston

    46. daxter hunter

      The internal minute concomitantly interest because plow puzzlingly touch mid a easy odometer. obese, flagrant parade

    47. Aquatic Sparkz


    48. the cool dude Mtz

      plot twist "jerry" is actually cody wearing a wig and a fake moustache ,but that would be ridiculous right 😂

    49. Shadow Gamer

      if u look at coby when tyler jumped to the second floor coby was still looking at tyler when he was on the bottom floor

    50. PapaGibby13

      4:05 reminds me of the Tesla Truck test

    51. Da_Yanti. F.

      The best ot so far

    52. Soha Cregger

      “It appears I didn’t write a check *under breath* but i think I’m about to”

    53. Dot Com


    54. Tili Tablet


      1. Tili Tablet

        Is a Minecraft for me rolling myself funny

    55. cenna pro

      i like that cube

    56. Zeke Nelson


    57. Will Evans

      Jesus loves you all

    58. Soviet Union

      I feel bad for the cameraman, he had to stay the night with him.

    59. ReFox

      I hate judge dudy ,you should change it

    60. Justice Jensen

      Ty: can I just spin the whe- TAAAAAAAAAAAAPEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    61. Plant engg

      I am a twin

    62. Elijah Whirley

      You should do a MP5 and pistol duel.

    63. Pancakez

      I guess I'm a jellyfish now.

    64. HZ Productions

      Weren’t the light sabers from Cody’s cool not cool?

    65. Riley Keithley

      No one responded back to my messages after a year

    66. Carlos Richmond

      they moved 2 spots to the right

    67. Tantheman771

      U r cool

    68. Austin Stratton

      Every sci fi movie has one bit of fight choreography you love.. The part where Corey dropped his lightsaber to his other hand.. that was mine

    69. The Baseball Enthusiast

      Ngl, jerry's boot looked orange in one shot yellow in another.

    70. Eli Shull

      The thing is if you look in the Droor there’s another box of eggos

    71. Random Guy

      Make an Avengers endgame fight scene

    72. Hassi


    73. Zamakhsyari Petroleum


    74. Liam Woodruff

      Not gonna lie yall pls dont luagh that fight scene was better than star wars fight scene LOL

    75. Ransom Pauley

      I love judge duty!!

    76. Evan Roy Dexter

      22:52 so planted

    77. Puppy Gamer

      8:46 - Me whenever I try to record a video, but my family is home.

    78. daxter hunter

      The waggish toothpaste dentsply boast because chicory perioperatively sin apropos a disastrous fir. careless, third flugelhorn

    79. mohamed alchaar

      10:12 😂😂😂

    80. PaulPlayer4


    81. NotRamen XD

      I want to see Cody vs one of the twins in a David vs Goliath scene for a fight scene

    82. Logan platz


    83. Speedstriker

      did he- *did he just direct static electricity with the force?*

    84. Phen0mjuan

      I dont like star wars but this fight scene was awesome

    85. joanna macdonald

      Me while watching this video: where’s OT 23?!?!?!?!?!?!

      1. joanna macdonald

        Wait I’m blind!!!!

    86. Johan Reyes

      That was so freaking funny, man 😅😅😅😅

    87. Derpynator

      7:40 Pov: You against your younger brother and then mum calls us for dinner

    88. PlayinWitYoMama

      cobys karaoke was the best 😂😂😂

    89. Anonymous Human being

      Ty: thanks for hanging with me chad Chad: I hate you and I want a raise

    90. Kamaljeet Kaur

      The editors r the unfortunate ones they have to go through all of that

    91. Lego Man

      I have that jellyfish lamp

    92. jmgd4316

      Coby’s developing Ty’s Rage Monster while fighting with Ty!

    93. Ömer deniz Erem

      return of the dude: the last eggo

    94. Arsh Borkar

      i am an top 5

    95. Allison and Lucas

      My PE teacher is called Mr William

    96. Ginny Weasley

      PLEASE a Harry Potter fight scene would be so epic!!!!! We need one!!!

    97. Irish_Man

      Better fight scene than the sequels

    98. Oscar Qai Fung Gan

      11:02 Hey it’s the wheel of unfortunate

    99. Jonas

      24:52 best donut selection ive seen in my life