Cell Phone Stereotypes

Dude Perfect

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    Cell Phone Stereotypes…Love 'em or Hate 'em, we all know 'em!
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    Comment: I've def dropped my phone on my face

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    1. Fishaan

      I love the teasers with the ostriches and the koalas that they mention. 00:00 and 9:34

    2. Joselyn Reyes

      Movie Night Stereotypes

    3. garin Cervantes

      You guys school do airplane steroeptypes

    4. SteelyJedi10

      Last year my friend would call me like 20 times in like 5 minutes when I’m in class so I can’t pick up cause usually when someone doesn’t pick up they’re busy but he didn’t stop until I just turned off my phone for like 5 minutes


      Nerf stereotypes pls

    6. Freezing studios

      There should be a stereotypes but the rage monster gets defeated

    7. Gamieplays

      Dude a 12 minute long video ! This says a lot !

    8. Relax Music

      Aeroplane stereotypes

    9. Jappa

      LOL he is giving the phone a CPR


      Doing cpr on a phone?

    11. Flame Phoenix

      Rage monster at 8:38

    12. jacobkg98

      I love you so much Do the perfect because the Is trick shots

    13. jacobkg98

      He came out of the water with his eyes open texting And when you keep your eyes open in water they hurt

    14. jacobkg98

      Christian and I love you dude perfect

    15. Kevin Tran968

      Did anyone els noticed that a piece of confetti went into tys mouth

    16. Neela Parmeshwar

      what,s up man

    17. theofficialsmalltownfolks BI99s&Zuse

      amarillo to Albuquerque that’s my land

    18. William Bisch

      0:39 was like every phone case commercial ever

    19. K1237 Games

      Can’t forget the rage monster

    20. loomer

      you should make a dinner stereotypes

    21. GameOperator

      you gotta admit, ty has some balls for that atv stunt 🤔

    22. LukeSWAGWalker14

      I feel that the most unbelievable one is everyone freaking out when someone drops their phone. My friends and I just laugh at each other’s misery

    23. Amy Kiko

      like your cut g ty

    24. princess puppies

      Boat stereotypes

    25. Zachary Elder

      don't forget to add the phone distraction

    26. mellowpuff100

      Do biking stereotypes

    27. Clay Webo

      I remember when this channel was all about insane trick shots.. Oh how times have changed, rip.

    28. Levi Reeves

      I’m from georgia

    29. Finn Keehan

      4:41 Me: Lol why is he dancing shirtless? 🤣

    30. Sharon Lowe


    31. JXEL.D

      I was just waiting for the rage monster 😂😂

    32. Hunterock 99

      Just got the iPhone 12

    33. zR SnIpEz58


    34. Eric .E

      Do dad stereotypes

    35. 100 Subscribers With No Videos

      Who also loves the RAGE MONSTER 😡👿


      Soccer stereotypes

    37. Logan

      please do yard sale and playground stereotypes

    38. Anushka Srijit

      that kinda looks like outlaster on roblox

    39. Anushka Srijit

      for a sec a thought cody was going to be the rage monster...

    40. Mr Chips

      Did anyone notice ty had a confetti in his mouth 😂

    41. Enjoy life

      Is this roblox games 6:42

    42. Norah Ruth

      I’ve def just dropped my phone on my face

    43. Eric Nest

      Ty “green is my least favorite color” but he’s wearing all dark green

    44. Kavon Vacianna

      I've been watching this channel for years

    45. Mason Johnson

      Man please

    46. Luke Christopherson

      Garret's "wow"

    47. Sira Foxtron

      0:40 I laughed at everyone's reaction 😂😂 4:02 Camera battle 😄😅😆

    48. Samuel Swartley

      We need a grocery store stereotypes

    49. sp4z

      “Rage monster is my favorite part

    50. the buck

      When your phones a Nokia vs a IPhone

    51. GigiNews74


    52. Koran Bekas93

      Hello , saya youtuber pemula penggemar dude

    53. will callee

      Ty u care about ur friends phone more than ur cup of coffee that broke?

    54. CalvinPlayz

      1:49 lollolooooloolo

    55. AYA Teppanyaki

      9:00 this was the 4th of July before the day lol

    56. Jaxon Garnica

      1:17 Ty got so excited he ate the confetti

    57. A J

      Ty green is my least favorite color also ty Wearing green

    58. CV Productions

      This is the first dp video I saw in a few years and the last one was a stereotypes video so this is just nostalgia for me

    59. alicia gamel

      do dentist stereotypes.

    60. Brad James

      Don't forget about the forever loading and down loading

    61. Eeun’s World

      FUN 8:38

    62. Vipprs

      Video games stereotypes

    63. thespeedsolver

      Jesus is king

    64. James Smith

      I just love the rage monster

    65. Tyler Baar

      Theme Park Stereotypes Mr. Scaredy Cat (doesn't want to go on any of the rides) Mr. Ride or Die (wants to do everything) The Rage Monster (mad his favorite ride has a long line) The Avid Shopper (always goes to the stores) The Screamer (screams really loud on all the rides) Mr. Excuses (makes up excuses to not go on rides or the park) The It's Worth It guy (always says its worth it for a ride that has a super long line) Quarantine Champion (wears a bunch of safety stuff for Covid) The Complainer (always wants to leave or not want to wait in lines) Mr. Never Wants to Leave (never wants to leave the park and cries when the park closes) Theme Park Tycoon (the guy who always plays Theme Park Tycoon) The Overpriced Food (food that costs a lot of money) The Liar (lies about going on rides) The Pin Collector (collects hundreds of pins) The Scary Mascot (a baby cries over seeing a mascot) The Water Park Guy (the guy who only likes going to water parks) And finally.... Bad Luck Larry (the ride always breaks down when you're the first in line)

    66. Connor Cochran

      Man those forworks went on for a while.

    67. Cameron Lancaster

      do cooking stereotypes!!

    68. ZuqR

      Rage monster stereotypes

    69. Fightinirish488

      I like funny things😂

    70. Paul Barton

      a litt

    71. ZibbifyYT

      has anyone realised they lost so many subs?

    72. Grace the our generation doll

      Are you guys making another music video

    73. Sean Mcmahon

      Just to let you know nothing about

      1. Sean Mcmahon

        Let us have the tracking number for our flight back 🔙 and you can get the best deal

    74. Spirko Rodriguez

      bed steryotypes

    75. That’s Perfect

      Please do new year stereotypes

    76. Clone Trooper Productions

      this video is funny

    77. Larry Davis

      0:57 CPR. I'm dead from laughter.

    78. andrew

      this is one of the best

    79. The Gaming Viper

      I wish I could do surfing stereotypes

    80. Christopher Barrueta

      It was cool seeing cody without a beard again

    81. Karcher Official

      You guys should do sleepover stereotypes

    82. ASTRO load

      Caught in 4k

    83. Eugene

      "The Android Problem" segment really makes me question how Americans think... What does it matter?

    84. KingHarrison57

      Cooking stereotypes

    85. Jaze Gabriel Figueroa

      The lost phone guy house looks like unspeakables house.

    86. Dania Imtiaz

      I feel so bad for his fireworks stand

    87. Steve Shak

      Sub to Braxton Thompson

    88. XxGamerPilot1xX 1K-29

      Airsoft 4 maybe??? 🤔

    89. Yul You

      I don’t like the color green wears a green tank top 6:47

    90. Samridhi Sharma

      7:45 just put your phone on plane mode , with that it wouldn't be call ended . It would be disconnected .

    91. Ansh gamer

      Can you plz tell me some tips that how to grow NLname channel fastly

    92. M. Shaquille Khalid

      1:16 did you see tyler just ate a confetty thing

    93. Pramod Jain

      Open schools in India

    94. gaming godzilla

      This is the longest stereotypes

    95. sumit shit

      Who else feels sad for jonah