Card Throwing Trick Shots 2

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    World's longest card throw balloon pop!?! Oh yes we did!
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    1. 周侑進

      Poor Apple

    2. Kids Samsung

      How many takes??

    3. corrin com

      cutting a pea and a can though...

    4. amun hussain

      watch the twins say something in usion 4:28

    5. Char's vlogs

      4:28 you can tell their twins jus by this

    6. Tiger Team

      How do you do that

    7. BlasterRockets

      2:13 mum can you cut the ends of the strawberries off please

    8. Rochy Rinoy

      bro which type of card is this can you tell

    9. Tiletastic 926

      The top comment is the most liked comment on NLname but I’m not replying to it because it never lets me reply to comments on dude perfect video

    10. Teal_XP

      Is anyone gonna laugh about the 1st card trickshots video on the slow-mo faces

    11. Harjot

      Are these cars made out of metal or something

    12. Hong Bo Li

      anything a knife can cut, poker can 2, or even better!

    13. XxKingPeyton


    14. XxKingPeyton

      Yo this is sick!

    15. Jaatram Dhull

      The best

    16. Jaatram Dhull


    17. Victor Kenarsy

      Real life Oswald from KOF

    18. Kevin Tomlin

      I didn’t know cards are that strong

    19. Kevin Tomlin

      I didn’t know carts were that strong

    20. Gummy Pikmin Productions

      4:28 I love how they said it at the same time

    21. cocaineinmyvein

      Why are you spreading 409 on flowers?

    22. Ayush Jain

      This is just amazing bring card throwing trick shots part 3 please

    23. ᒪᗴᘜO ᗰᗩᖇᐯᗴᒪ

      His face impression everytime when he’s throwing a card. 😂

    24. Michael James Behm

      Next thing you know they are gonna do the same thing but throwing the card down a barrel of a tank

    25. 156 Wajeeha Tariq

      You waste that apple shame on tyler

    26. pradeep dixit

      You know first I watch that amazing it was very bad channel then I get dude perfect that was very very nice channel

    27. ji974

      He's the Real TWISTED FATE !

    28. Radheya Asardohkar

      Who is trying to throw card like him after watching this video

    29. Andrew Truscott II

      Those card tricks are insane

    30. Monkey boy

      Rick is like a ninja. He almost sliced Cory’s head off like a ninja

    31. M.N JANSIZ

      4:50 he is aiming at the wrong apple

    32. naman raghav

      Thanks now I have learn to throw card

    33. 晨晨

      Sorry Is it a solitaire or a plastic card?

    34. Sirble

      3:07 I didn't even realize what happened it was so fast

    35. Phuong Phan

      Gê Gê

    36. サギペッドラッセルトロイ

      Not ganna lie this is the only thing why I love cards xD

    37. BUGATTI

      Is amazing

    38. Matthew Crews

      Is there anything he can’t cut, a finger😂

    39. Pyetro Jøga

      dude how do they make it awesome

    40. Master Melvin

      2:10 the card dissappear Editing skills 9999999

    41. Xiaodong Wu

      Unbelievable sick I am your biggest fan

    42. Justin Sellers

      Do a part 3

    43. Bhaskar Rajbanshi

      Fantastic shots

    44. King

      Dude this guy can be better assassin than jhon wick

    45. GREY TUBE

      1:12 rick's face

    46. Hamza Hassan

      Hes adting this

    47. Michael John Lennon

      Everyone says that

    48. Unknown Free Fire  3K ?

      *The dislikers Don't Have Cards* 😂😂

    49. Brainz Got no Brianz

      I clicked on this video and got 2 dude perfect ads😂😂😂😂😂

    50. Kevin C. Weems

      Dude Hundreds Tries...

    51. Kevin C. Weems

      4:22 one of the best parts of the video!

    52. FroGmaSTo

      2:05 atleast they were cleaned before death

    53. FroGmaSTo

      0:13 that looks like a nice apple...

    54. SUNIL SONI

      Dam boy give me my Oreo back 😂😂🤣😂

    55. William Jackson

      He is shinobi

    56. JustAakko

      The amount of power in the card to slice through a soda can though. The power in a card that he's throwing will have amount of 70.2 MPH

    57. shourya sharma

      What kind of cards are they 🙂🙂

    58. Brandon Hillgoth

      4:29 blooper 😂

    59. EL34Glo

      Honestly the Pea one is the most impressive to me. That's not easy

    60. Landerabos


    61. B

      If there’s one thing I learned from this vid, don’t anger Rick if he has a deck of cards

    62. B

      The parents: ok, let’s talk about your future, what do you want to be your major This man: I wanna throw cards The parents: ........

    63. Ryan Games

      A PEA, OREO AND THROUGH the door, strawberry I cant even do that

    64. LilyAuna Patricelli


    65. HBoys

      Rick: Lights to match with a card. Me: How do I light a match?

    66. COOP6989

      Man do I just love dude perfect

    67. Valerie

      A cucumber is a pickle! 🤣🤣

    68. Amit Kumar

      1:29 how amazing

    69. Arjun Verma

      this is the only person that can make cutting vegetables fun!!

    70. beanz lemongrab

      Ooooooohhhhh someone won the rock off with the devil 😈

    71. baran Durmuş


    72. Explodey

      New ot ep leak

    73. Cole Belvin

      Imagine your fighting him and he pulls out a pack of cards

    74. Yến Lại Thị Hoàng

      The lamentable jet contradictorily listen because tuba morphologically fire than a daffy cappelletti. tasteless, rotten refrigerator

    75. samanyu guha

      1:43 such a waste of a oreo

    76. Giftlike1089

      Gordon ramsey

    77. Ahmad Faris Hakimi


    78. Amv Master

      This questions is for the anime fans out there: who is the better card thrower: Rick Smith or Hisoka

    79. Mega Lemons

      Stand master: rich Smith Stand name: Mr blue skies Precision:A speed: A Strength: C Durability: E Potential: A Range: B

    80. Лягух Мемный

      Rick Best He's the best card dreamer I've ever seen.

    81. Pog Content

      TF From lol

    82. Maitrey Patel

      Rick smith Jr. Is hacker👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    83. Theodore Fergusson

      The cards are metal right?

    84. Blaznchikenwings Ofpower

      Give him steel cards and enlist him He'll be the new super soldier or a ninja since cards don't make a lot of noise

    85. Iron Cookie

      2:21 He is using a wood card

    86. Lu Franco Tolorio

      I wonder how many tries they took to cut that pea and light that match with the card

    87. Mai Anh Nguyen

      Watching the slo-mos I learned that human reaction is much more slower than i thought

    88. 공사리군


    89. aklllv

      wat kind of paper he use

    90. Kevin Ni

      deserves more views and likes

    91. Kadenaki10

      This man could takeover Russia with a deck of cards

      1. Lightingblade Gaming

        Oh for sure

    92. Sofus Rasmussen

      4:27 bruh the sync

    93. TEKNO

      Never new playing cards can be so deadly kn the hands of a professional.

    94. H رسم أنمي H

      منو هنا عربي 😀🌚

    95. Granger Lightborn

      Can you tell me what card is he using I want to buy to

    96. NLS Nayak

      Which card they are using

      1. Isaac S

        Probably banshees or banshees advanced

    97. Mart

      Stereotypes suggestion: Military

    98. Zackary Combs

      The pea!!!! The freekin pea!!! Lol dadgum that dude could work for the CIA or NSA as a Assassin!!!

    99. Ryhan Akthar Khan

      Rick has super deadly accuracy and precision, and power. It’s like he is focusing all the energy into one place. Well almost.

    100. kokushibo tsukikuni

      Id love if cod added a card lethal throwable in the game that 2 shot and one shot to the chest and upoer regions but you had two perks which either made it one shot throughout the whole body and the other which increased the rate of fire and made it one shot a little closer to the head that'd be sick kinda like a tomahawk but accuracy depending on the air and range