Airsoft Battle 3

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    EPIC Airsoft Battle round 3!! Even more balloons, even more pops!
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    1. Dude Perfect

      Next Vid: Football Battle 🏈 Love you guys DP

      1. Miller W

        You should do a paintball tag battle

      2. SeanJacobVi

        Hi dp! Can airsoft battle royale 4 be call of duty? Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls PLEASE

      3. sanuka nonis

        Same to you

      4. A Z

        Cory I like amy

      5. Anthony Olmstead

        When will there be a airsoft battle 4

    2. Michelle Fimbres

      Do an air soft 4

    3. Butta The gamer

      Bro is this rainbow six siege

    4. Victor Schloss

      Dang Blue team

    5. bigEEE

      Wait a second, is this where they filmed fight scene wild west

    6. Mr idk

      The camera men are scared asf

    7. Shivansh Chaubey


    8. Bo Girdley


    9. Not D Dog

      I just realized it is the same place as in the mr beast hide and seek 3

    10. WAFFLES

      Every time they do an air sort battle CODY CAMPS… he is such a little camper it’s so toxic

    11. Daniel Stracner

      i like how cody camped a lot

    12. Aidan Herbert

      Cody went beast mode

    13. The Popcorn Phantom

      Can I get a #4?

    14. Gabe Flynn

      This is bested than mrbeast

    15. _ _ N0bodyasked4

      Airsoft battle 4 : Valorant

    16. Jose Dominguez

      You should've done tom Clancy's rainbow six siege

    17. Dixon Outdoors

      S c !

    18. S U K Λ N T

      Team death match

    19. Doris Stinnett

      The absurd island infrequently examine because sandra technologically part before a wrong himalayan. puny, tasteless blade

    20. Jenny Westover

      Cody was a big camper and now one likes campers

    21. Radiant gamer Lake

      I want a battle 4

    22. Crystal Kimmel

      pls airsoftm4

    23. Robert Kendig

      I LIVE IN VA

    24. Robert Kendig


    25. Lucy Medina

      I was so mad when Cody won the 3 airsofts!

    26. Lightingblade Gaming


    27. Fizz

      Do a another one

    28. Peyton VanHuss

      4:28 so you just gonna make fun of Trace Mcsorley like that?

    29. Andrei De La Cruz

      airsofr battle 4 plss

    30. Bryce Clark

      Wwe to see if yp

    31. Owen Outdoor's

      Can’t wait until airsoft 4

    32. Colton McClelland


    33. Kane McClelland

      love air soft battles

    34. Xander Valin

      I know all the character from rainbow six siege where I main nomad and have the buck elite

    35. Anand C

      They should do Airsoft Battle Royal 4 sponsored by Call of Duty Mobile

    36. Max Rösch

      Ich bin Deutscher

    37. Rishabh Rajput

      I love you cody

    38. Christopher Blythe

      We need an airsoft battle 4

    39. LUKE Ontsagwekkende

      PLEASE more airsoft battle royal!!

    40. Dante Machado

      Man next time no blind foreign and get some optics


      I'm waiting for part 4

    42. Fun with Ali & Faariz !

      When cory said got em, got em! Ty got me, Ty got me It got me dying!

    43. footballplayerplayz

      4 pleas

    44. SikkeDude

      Pls.need part 4

    45. Millie's Studio

      You guys need to do an Airsoft batter 4!

    46. aimdogg

      Why do you need balloons? Why can't you just play normal airsoft?

    47. G_ CRISIS

      How come Ty never wins a gun battle even if he's the best shooter?

    48. Ryan Guzior

      That’s were Mr. beast did one of his challenge

    49. Charlie Klawinski

      I want warzone to sponsor them

    50. Swayam ka gameplay

      Coby noob

    51. Seth Cooper

      do a fourth airsoft battle

    52. Cherry NeoGlid

      y'all should do an r6s collab on airsoft battle 4

    53. Jordan McJordanSonSon

      i love how your sponsered by tom clancy *ubisoft* but yet have the map of a rockstar game. i like both of the games though so :/

    54. Javen Tan

      What guns u use I wanna buy

    55. Whitney jensen

      I love these videos please make more

    56. Ahmad Fakhry

      petition here for airsoft battle 4!

    57. Sebastian Salgado

      Cody won in all of the battles

    58. Arshad Jamal

      i really want to see a part 4

    59. ZeldaSnake300

      Backup quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    60. Korbin Hughes


    61. Alex Obando

      Ty looks like the main protagonist in GR Wildlands.

    62. Landon Wade

      Another air soft battle please

    63. ahmad abbas

      i think you should probally make more videos like this

    64. Wraith

      Who is cory character from

    65. Kevin C. Weems

      Gg Blue Team!

    66. Yo Got

      As someone who plays a lot of Tom Clancy I love this

    67. Jackson Cunitz

      Can there be a 4th battle?

    68. weston keough

      That place would be soooo awesome to have a war there!

    69. Kathleen Karmineke

      What I don’t get is how when coby used his night vision Cory had a flashlight and didn’t even use it

    70. SKM2723

      *What’s funny is that they have done 3 battle royale videos and none have them have been sponsored by fortnite*

    71. Bow 4rrow


    72. Breanne Anderson

      Cody won every airsoft battle

    73. Woe Dexter

      Is those gas or electric airsoft guns

    74. Clown

      Can​ you​ make​ more​ airsoft battle

    75. Justin Earley

      Incase yall wondering this place is abandoned park called ghost town in the sky in Maggie Valley, North Carolina

    76. Reel Imagination Productions

      When is airsoft battle 3

    77. Thompson Bros

      Sparky don’t dis Trace McSorley like that

    78. szompono

      If 1 life you can just shoot to the body

    79. OneAndOnlyPotMan

      For some reason the map reminded me of one of mrbeasts hide and seek

    80. Annson John

      Next part😍😍😍

    81. FriendshipFantasticFun

      Anyone realize Cody and his team won every battle?

    82. Cameron Jensen

      The 417 is semi auto only, just sayin

    83. 404sponz

      pretty sure this place was rented out in a mr beast vid too

    84. Is there finishes in batlap! M

      Do make arsoft badl 4 poses!

    85. Jenny Cook

      you should make an airsoft battle four. I love them.

    86. Chinook

      Tom Clancy’s rainbow six siege yessir

    87. Ali Murtaza

      pt 4

    88. Nathan Marr

      Me thinking this was new looking at it it was 10 months ago how did I miss it

    89. Diego Martinez Izaguirre

      Who more want more battle royal with airsolf

      1. Diego Martinez Izaguirre

        Sorry Airsoft*

    90. Aidan Browne

      Can you make a number 4

    91. Kaiden 1

      Im in the same town this video was filmed. Super cool!

    92. Cadence McNeely

      I LOVE THE TWIN COBY AND CORY, my sister, Tyler fan< WE LOVE YOU TYLER

    93. Nolan Oglesby

      We need more air soft battles

    94. Bridget Egerdahl

      i like air soft guns

    95. Bridget Egerdahl

      i love dude perfect best merch ever

    96. Xavier Defils

      I clicked because I saw nomad

    97. SedrosGaming

      Is it just me or is Tyler giving off some Scout vibes based on his clothing from Tf2 (Team Fortress 2)


      my favorite karacter cody you can win every time

    99. Evan Shushi

      The second one was the best

    100. René Borjas

      Can you airsoft 4, but have no teams?